Eric Teetsel Vs George Will

“As the 28-year-old executive of the Manhattan Declaration, I join my 20-something colleagues Ryan Anderson and Andrew Walker of the Heritage Foundation in echoing Twain’s famous line, ‘the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.’ Both the polling and the voters have demonstrated time and again Americans’ strong support for marriage. What future voters may decide obviously remains to be seen; however, beating a retreat because the victory of the anti-marriage movement seems inevitable is a sure-fire way to guarantee precisely that result.” – Eric Teetsel, responding to George Will’s claim that the opposition to same-sex marriage is “literally dying.”

NOTE: Signers of the Manhattan Declaration vow to disobey laws that protect LGBT Americans from discrimination.

RELATED: In September the administrator of the Manhattan Declaration’s Facebook page lamented that a flood of people had requested to have their names stricken from its list.