Dollars & G-Strings

Congress is once again considering doing away with the dollar bill, an issue that comes up and is promptly shot down every few years.  Yesterday the New York Daily News went directly to the people for their opinion.

The proposal won a hearty endorsement Friday night from workers who handle bills as part of their daily grind. At Sapphire New York, a gentlemen’s club on E. 66th St., exotic dancers said ending the dollar bill would lead to better tips. “These ladies are worth five, tens, and twenties,” said a stripper who goes by the name of “Jane Alexander.” She added, “I pity any man who tries giving me a coin.” Dancer Lady Dula also endorsed the proposal, saying it would “weed out cheapskates.” “You want my attention, it begins with a five,” she said.

According to the latest assessment, switching to dollar coins would save the feds about $4.4B over the next 30 years.