Twilight Will Possess You

“Kids will try to emulate the heroes (in movies like ‘Twilight’) and when they check out real occultism, they can be invaded by demonic forces. They have no clue that the devil and his angels are very real, and in Matthew and Revelation Jesus talks about the devil and his angels. When kids experiment with these things, they open up a doorway to the demonic. The devil’s goal is to possess this generation. There is a whole network of organizations that are promoting vampirism, and it is very easy to go on the Internet an type in ‘teenage vampire’, and you will find websites that are teaching kids how to get involved in drinking blood, how to find a donor, how to get involved in vampirism, and the evidence is so overwhelming that kids are getting involved in occultism and vampirism left and right.” – Pastor Steve Wohlberg, telling the Christian Post about his latest book, The Trouble With Twilight.