Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of the label, today’s Swag Tuesday giveaway is Drown Before Your Swim, the latest album by openly gay artist Matt Gold, which is now available for download on iTunes.

Matt’s primary musical influences are artists such as Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Radiohead. His early music has been described as “more angry and aggressive.” However, in recent years Matt has created his own coffee shop niche which reflects this growth. “It’s interesting to see how you transform as a person” says Matt. That transformation can be heard in his current musical style. Bil Browning of Bilerico.com wrote, “Imagine if Rufus Wainwright joined Depeche Mode and then had a baby with Tori Amos… Get the picture? The baby would be Matt.”

We have three copies of Drown Before You Swim to give away. Enter to win by commenting on this post and please remember to leave an email address you check frequently. Entries close at midnight on Thursday, west coat time. Publicists: If you’d like to take part in Swag Tuesday on JMG, please email me.