Press Release Of The Day

From an email blast by the Manhattan Declaration:

Earlier this week, I was boarding a flight bound for home when the gentlemen seated beside me politely informed me that I would have to stand once more. “My husband is coming,” he said. As the plane taxied, I imagined myself explaining to these men what I did for a living and the conversation that would ensue (or not). I felt hopeless. I had planned to spend the flight writing my review of an important new book titled “What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense.” That plan went right out the small circular window. Instead, I got out a crossword and prayed. After awhile (through overhearing) I learned that the men attend a local church. I couldn’t help but smile. No matter how feebly I navigate through life, the LORD is working. And who knows – maybe they will Google the lapel pin on my carry-on.

The note is unsigned but presumably comes from their executive director Eric Teetsel, who recently bragged about the Manhattan Declaration’s fly new lapel pin.

NOTE: For those unaware, signers of the Manhattan Declaration avow that they
will “civilly disobey” laws that protect LGBT people from
discrimination. The Manhattan Declaration was recently cited in the
RICO lawsuit filed against numerous anti-gay groups alleged to be
accomplices in the kidnapping of the child of a lesbian mother. Some of
the parties named in the lawsuit have signed the Manhattan Declaration.