MINNESOTA: “Ex-Gay Therapist” Charged With Sexual Assault On Male Clients

A Minnesota pastor has been charged with eight felony counts of sexual assault upon men he was giving “ex-gay therapy.” How entirely shocking.

Lakeside Christian Church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser, 55, of Cambridge, appeared in court Tuesday on eight felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and remains free pending another hearing next month. Muehlhauser also was a counselor through Robbinsdale-based Outpost Ministries, whose website says it was founded more than 30 years ago to help men and women “break away from gay life” and declares that “all homosexual behavior is sin.” Authorities were informed of the alleged assaults from another Outpost counselor, who said the two men told him what had gone on with Muehlhauser. According to the criminal complaint: One of the men told investigators that Muehlhauser “blessed” him by cupping his genitals outside of his clothing several times and that Muehlhauser asked the man to masturbate in front of him for “spiritual strength.” Muehlhauser would also fondle the man at times. Their encounters occurred over a period of nearly two years. Another man told investigators of similar encounters spanning most of this year, adding that Muehlhauser feared he would “lose everything” if anyone found out. At one encounter, Muehlhauser fondled the man and then the two joined the pastor’s wife for a dinner outing.

The totally not-gay pastor works for Outpost Ministries, who is refusing to return calls from the press. From their website:

Outpost Ministries exists to help the sexually and relationally broken find healing and restoration through relationship with Jesus Christ. Outpost was formed over 30 years ago to meet the needs of men and women making the decision to break away from gay life. We strive to deal with individuals as whole persons, not merely sexual beings. We offer teaching, encouragement and support to individuals, families and the Church. Outpost emphasizes obedience to God’s Word, which begins the healing process. As we grow in our submission to Jesus Christ, we also grow in friendship with Him. It is in relationship with Jesus that we are healed and transformed.

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UPDATE: Local news covers the arrest.