Dating For Conservatives

Here’s their about notice:

At, our mission is to connect you to like minded individuals in your area who share your similar, unique political interests. This is a complex and challenging task. Talking politics in the workplace, and even in some social situations can be taboo. Yet, shared political values is oftentimes a defining criteria in what we are looking for in a significant other. Whether it be through daily straw polls, a forum to discuss opinions regarding posted current events, previous campaign work, or even a shared affinity or dislike of a particular politician, this website will engage you and your potential matches to take sides on real-time developments in the political world as they unfold, helping one another to have the most comprehensive view possible of where each individual stands on the important political issues of our time. We hope that on our site, you will find your Mr. or Mrs Right!

Their video is actually pretty funny.

Perhaps surprisingly, they are apparently gay-friendly.