Anonymous Threatens Uganda’s Pols

Anonymous has issued a threat against Uganda’s leaders should their “Kill The Gays” bill pass. Earlier this week Ugandan clergy demanded the bill’s passage as a “Christmas gift to Christians.”

The so-called ‘hacktivists’ from Anonymous New Jersey sent a stark warning to lawmakers, urging them not rubber stamp the draconian legislation which would mean gay Ugandans could face life imprisonment or even the death penalty. With the message, the secretive campaigners also released the names and contact details names of members of the African nation’s Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. “The “Kill the gays” bill has been reintroduced into the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Uganda,” Anonymous posted in Pastebin. “Let them know that we will not let this bill pass. And if it does they should expect us.”

The mailing address and phone number of the speaker of Uganda’s Parliament has already been posted.