AFA Founder Don Wildmon Has The Sadz

“It’s going to be different, absolutely different. The Christian value
system, the Christian view of man, will be replaced. With what? With
whatever somebody else has enough gunpowder to make it work. That’s the
tipping point and from here on out we’re simply going downhill. Hate to
say that and I wish I didn’t have to say that, but if I want to be
honest with you, I’ve got to say that. I’ve been looking at this for
thirty years and the people spoke yesterday and Americans have nobody to
blame except themselves, we’ve become a society where we expect you to
give me something or do something for me. Changes like this come over a period of years, scores of years
sometimes, but ultimately we’re going to change the Constitution or do
away with it. We’ll end up in chaos. I remember a sermon years ago by a
preacher, ‘Christ or Chaos.’ That’s the choice and we made the choice.” – American Family Association founder Don Wildmon, speaking on the AFA’s national radio show. (Via Right Wing Watch)