RUSSIA: Orthodox Activists Demand Closure Of “Enticing” Gay Bars

Anti-gay Christian activists in Russia are demanding that the government close all gay bars because they “entice” young people into homosexuality. Via Gay Star News:

Members of Orthodox Christian group, the Narodny Sobor (People’s Council), are petitioning the Russian capital’s parliament to ban the city’s gay bars and clubs. “We conducted a study earlier and found that such a law would not contradict international law. Homosexuality, as well as its propaganda, is a grave sin,” Oleg Kassin, co-chairman of the group told Izvestia daily. He added that “it’s necessary to close gay clubs” in Moscow because they ‘directly entice immature souls’ into the LGBT community.

Orthodox Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin: “[We have] every right to maintain the purity of the society and to protect our children from all sorts of sinful manifestations.”