NEW YORK: State Appeals Court Rejects Bid To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage

Today New York’s hate groups hit the end of their miserable, bigoted road.

New York’s top court has declined to hear an appeal from a Monroe County-based group that sought to overturn the state’s law allowing same-sex marriage. The state Court of Appeals announced its decision Tuesday. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a conservative group opposed to same-sex unions, filed a lawsuit against the state Senate last year, claiming that Republicans in the chamber had violated the state’s Open Meetings Law when discussing gay marriage. In particular, the group took issue with a closed-door session held in 2011 with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Senate GOP’s top financial backer and a supporter of same-sex couples.

Openly gay state Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, who successfully led same-sex marriage to victory in his chamber fives times before the state Senate finally concurred, has issued a statement:

“This is a tremendous moment for our state. With this action, the Court of Appeals has struck a final blow on behalf of each our citizens to marry the person he or she loves. While I had no doubt that this appeal against equality for all was completely without merit, this decision puts an end to hateful discrimination and preserves this hard-won right once and for all.”

Governor Cuomo cheers as well: “With the court’s decision, same-sex couples no longer have to worry that their right to marry could be legally challenged in this state. The freedom to marry in this state is secure for generations to come.”

And as we like to say on days like today: Suck it, NOM!