Linda Harvey On GLAAD’s Spirit Day

“Let’s take the example of a twelve year-old boy who was once molested,
the reality is there are way too many such boys out there and most of
the time he will not report this but will instead internalize the hurt
and confusion. On top of this, gay agenda activists want to add harmful
ideas in this boy’s life at just the wrong moment. He may also be the
subject of some teasing and bullying since many boys go through some of
this, adults are tempted to brush it off but no schools should implement
fair and appropriate punishment in all such incidents. But what if part
of that punishment includes some message like this: ‘people are born
homosexual and this type of teasing and insulting is disrespectful to
this identity.’ In other words, it’s propping up the reputation of the
lifestyle, not the concern about individual kids, that has become the
priority. This boy will think he himself is one of these ‘born this way’
homosexual, that it’s the reason he was ‘chosen’ for molestation, that
that’s the reason he’s being teased and that he should ignore any their
information. No wonder some kids feel trapped and in despair, but it
doesn’t have to be that way.” – Hate group leader Linda Harvey, quoted by Right Wing Watch.