Kevin DuJan: Blacks Hate Obama

“Blacks don’t love Obama. This might be news to you, but there’s absolutely zero love for this man in the black community. Yes, they race-vote for him out of racial pride because blacks have a long history of comparing candidates’ skin color to their own and voting for whoever is closer to mocha, chocolate, or mahogany in a Sherwin Williams sample book. Blacks enjoy voting for someone who ‘looks like them’, but they don’t riot when that person loses an election. There would be riots every time a black candidate lost anything, and that just doesn’t happen. Obama will lose. Romney will win. Cities will not burn. The talking heads on MSNBC will all have heart attacks and flail about unable to explain what’s happening. But there will be NO RIOTS.” – Homocon crackpot Kevin DuJan, responding to the Drudge-fueled meme.