Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Donates $100K To Maryland Marriage

“We had the privilege of raising our family in Maryland. We have the privilege of now living in the District of Columbia. We’ve lived in New York where they passed marriage equality. We spend time in the summer in Maine, where they are fighting it again. I think this is the time to view this not as an expense, but as a capital investment in our nation’s infrastructure.  At some point the tide has got to turn. You got to stop the litigation.
You got to demonstrate that the litigation is not — the second guessing
at the ballot box is not going to overcome the will of the legislature.
At some point you’ve got to demonstrate that people who support this are
going to be re-elected, and not get punished for supporting marriage
equality. And I think right now is the time.” – Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, speaking at Maryland marriage equality fundraiser where he and his wife presented a check for $100,000.  The Tagliabues have an openly gay son.  (Via Washington Blade)