ConEd To NYC: Brace For Outages

Con Edison is robo-calling New York City customers with a warning that they may cut the power if it appears that underground equipment will be flooded.  A similar advisory has appeared on their website:

The company is preparing for the possibility that it will have to shut down underground electrical equipment if the storm surge floods low-lying areas, such as parts of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Shutting down underground equipment may avoid extensive damage to company and customer equipment, and allow company crews to restore power to customers more quickly. In the event of major flooding, the company would have to wait for flood waters to recede before workers could enter some facilities to begin assessing damage. As equipment is inspected and determined safe to energize, the highest priority for restoration will be given to critical customer facilities that have an impact on the general public such as mass transit, hospitals, police and fire stations, and sewage and water-pumping stations.

I’m quite close to a huge row of major hospitals, so I might luck out.  But at least I’ll be among the first to get service back.