Bristol Booted From DWTS

Despite an online ballot-stuffing campaign by teabaggers such as Kevin DuJan, last night Bristol Palin finally got the hook on Dancing With The Stars.  Via CBS News:

The Bristol effect, the surge of fan votes that kept Bristol Palin afloat and sank better performers, faltered in Week 4 as the 21-year-old Alaskan was sent packin’. Her ouster ends the specter of a rancorous repeat of 2010, when fan votes kept awful, awkward Palin on the show at the expense of much superior dancers. Palin, who is a much better performer now, was still a long notch below the half-dozen superb dancers in this season’s lineup. It isn’t only that Bristol is a mediocre dancer. There have been other performers with her lack of skills or even worse, who were immensely more fun to watch. She’s just very young and a little boring. “We did it , we made it to Week 4, and I’m happy with that. I had an awesome time,” said Palin as parents Todd and Sarah watched from the audience.