Billboard Of The Day

Via press release from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation:

“It may seem counterintuitive for the ‘Yes on B’ campaign to post billboards stating our opponents’ position ‘No’ on Ballot Measure B, but we believe that between pornographers who oppose the measure and health associations like the L.A. County Medical Association and the STD Controllers Association that support the measure, Los Angeles County voters will be able to draw the distinction and make a more informed choice when they vote on this issue,” said Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and one of the five named proponents of the ballot initiative. AHF is a major funder of the ballot measure. “Whose opinion or endorsement would you trust: pornographers or medical and health professionals and organizations? We are confident that voters will see through our opponents’ false claims—about free speech infringement, the waste of taxpayers’ money and the industry’s hollow threats to leave California when the measure passes—so much so that we are willing to put their message right up against ours, literally and figuratively.”