Weekend Mix: DJ Dave Huge

Keep your weekend rolling with this eclectic smooth electro mix from NYC’s DJ Dave Huge. Setlist. Facebook. Website. Twitter.

UPCOMING GIGS: Dave is playing in Philadelphia next Saturday night at Gear Up, Get Out at the Bikestop. His NYC residency Collider takes over the upstairs at Stonewall on the first Saturday of every month.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG THIS YEAR: DJ Bill Pfeiffer. DJ Shane Stiel. DJ Jerry Bonham. DJ Michael Fierman. DJ Sin Morera. DJ Herbie James. DJ Paul Ferrer. DJ Dave Huge.

This is the 35th in the occasional JMG Weekend Mix series in which we
highlight major national and up-and-coming DJ talent. Previous
installments include mixes from such well-known names as Susan
Morabito, Corey Craig, David Knapp, Paul Goodyear, Ted Eiel, and
many others. Lots of great names to come.