Today’s Dose Of Homocon Crazy

“Just four years ago, black people would come up to me, try to spit in my face, and would scream that I was a racist because I was not supporting Barack Obama and DARED to wear anything backing Hillary and then later McCain/Palin. They would go completely UNHINGED at anything that wasn’t praising ‘The One’.

“Leftie loons of the privileged, young, white variety would also scream expletives, push me on the train, and shout that ‘Anyone who doesn’t vote for Obama is racist!’ garbage. Though no one was sitting at Obama command centers specifically telling each individual to do this, the general vibe in Obama supporter ranks was to ‘get in their faces!’ and to essentially bully and otherwise intimidate people who weren’t supporting Obama to become completely invisible.

“Anyone backing Hillary in the primaries or McCain/Palin in the general election was targeted with the full-on Alinsky Death Star. It was actually kind of scary to go out in Chicago in my Democrats for McCain tee shirt because the laser-focused hatred emanating from the eyes of Obama supporters did make me feel afraid for my personal safety at times.” – Kevin DuJan, pitching his Romney/Ryan t-shirt.

RELATED: DuJan has become the darling of World Net Daily and Free Republic over the last two weeks for his years-old claim that President Obama frequented Chicago-area bathhouses and gay bars where he singled out “older white men” for his attention. In addition to today’s claim that angry blacks assaulted him for wearing a McCain t-shirt, DuJan has claimed that “leftists” have been poisoning his cocktails in local gay bars because he loves Sarah Palin and that nobody will date him because he’s a Christian.