Moving Boxes For The Obamas

Christian Newswire today promotes a campaign to send 25,000 moving boxes to the White House. The boxes depict the First Lady eating a hamburger while the president smokes and warns the moving men not damage a bust of his “hero,” Karl Marx.

“We don’t like his policies, lack of leadership, traveling the globe and trashing America and feeding tax dollars to his cronies and unions. We are not protesting in the streets, trashing private property, occupying city and state parks or rioting. We’ll protest peacefully and help others as we do so,” Gibson adds. Again, it will show what people can do without the help of Government. “It’s definitely time for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to start rebuilding America and working to undo the damage caused by the failed Obama policies.”

The boxes sell for $9.95 each with “a portion” of the proceeds going to Kids Against Hunger.