More On Mona

Twitter’s wingnuts are continuing an onslaught of abuse towards Mona Eltahawy, accusing her of being a terrorist, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a member of Al-Queda, a member of Hamas, etc etc etc.  They ignore the fact that Eltahawy is a pro-democracy activist who was arrested and had both of her arms broken during last spring’s uprising in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.  I recommend reading her harrowing account of that day.

RELATED: Today the head of the NYC-based Palestinian rights group, Existence Is Resistance, spoke out in support of Eltahawy while emphasizing his group’s position on freedom of speech.  (Short version: Pam Geller is a racist and has the right to prove it.) Eltahawy just appeared on CNN International and I’ll add that clip here when it becomes available.