Megachurch Pastor Jack Schapp Pleads Guilty To Sexual Affair With Teen Girl

Megachurch Pastor Jack Schapp yesterday pleaded guilty to federal charges of sex with an underage girl, but denied knowing that taking the teen across state lines was also a federal crime.  Early last month Schapp was fired by Indiana’s massive 15,000-member First Baptist Church.

U.S. District Judge Rudy Lozano scheduled the sentencing for Jan. 15, although Schaap, 54, has already signed a plea agreement stating that he faces at least 10 years in prison for taking a person under 18 across state lines for sex, although the maximum sentence for such a crime could be life imprisonment. The former pastor, described by the Southtown Star as wearing an orange prison garb while standing before the court, admitted to taking three trips with the teen across state lines for sexual activity, and said someone else actually drove the girl to the destinations. The married father of two was removed from his position at First Baptist Church last month after a deacon apparently found a text message on his cell phone that showed the pastor and the girl kissing. Schaap had even been counseling the girl, it was revealed.

Schapp is the author of a dating advice book for young Christian girls in which he cautions them to keep their weight down in order to attract suitors.