Linda Harvey: Gay Rights Kills People

“This [gay rights], friends, is the rotten fruit of ungodly values. Obama’s open
support for homosexuality as marriage is very unpopular once the truth
is known; the same is true of his new contraceptive mandate. Again, as
this election campaign unfolds I am reminded of the Scripture verse that
has been on our homepage at Mission America since 1995, it’s Hosea 4:6,
my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Suppressing the truth
will be our undoing on so many levels, friends, but the good news is
that many Americans are not so easily fooled. These radical values cost
not just jobs, but lives. I urge you to support companies that support
Christian moral values and avoid those that don’t, and help to spread
the word far and wide.” – Hate group leader Linda Harvey, quoted on Right Wing Watch.