Drunk Driving Archbishop Says Gays Are Too Sinful To Receive Communion

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who was busted for drunk driving last month, says sexually active gay Catholics should not receive Holy Communion. 

Cordileone was circumspect when discussing the “cultural challenges” his new diocese would present — which he said revolved around “issues of family life and, essentially, come down to our understanding of the human person, the purpose of our human sexuality, what God calls us to do and how he calls us to live and how he calls us to love.” But in a recent interview at the headquarters of the Oakland diocese, where he has served as bishop for three years, Cordileone was more direct: Gays and lesbians who are in sexual relationships of any kind, he said, should not receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, the central ritual of Catholic life. “If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we’re going to suffer the consequences,” he said, “and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences.”

Cordileone is heralded as the “father of Proposition 8” by NOM and other anti-gay hate groups.