Wedding Photo Of The Day

This weekend our own Father Tony married Italian visitors Salvatore Stolfi and Massimo Porcelli in Jefferson Market Garden in Greenwich Village. The grooms requested that the ceremony open with the below statement written by Tony and translated for the mostly-Italian wedding party.

Welcome to the marriage of Salvatore and Massimo! We have come together today to celebrate their life together. They want to proclaim before you and the world their dedication to each other. They have invited you to witness this important moment in their life together. Let us pause for a moment to remember that their proclamation of love is a bold and courageous statement.

This happy day, celebrated in New York City where couples like Salvatore and Massimo were granted equal marriage rights just thirteen months ago, is also a reminder that in many other parts of America and in many other countries, including Italy, what they do here today is still illegal. In some parts of the world their love for each other is still punishable by death. We cannot wait for kings and presidents and popes and bishops to change this unjust situation.

We live only once and have such a short time on earth to be the best lovers we possibly hope to be. There is much work left to do so that all of us may enjoy equal rights and protections. When you return home, I hope this celebration will inspire you to help end inequality in your own part of the world.

Father Tony accepts no payment for performing these weddings, but he does suggest a donation to the Ali Forney Center. Write him at [email protected].