Quote Of The Day – Sharon Stapel

“I’m not going to suggest all LGBT folks are non-violent because that would be silly. However, if you look at the organized movement toward LGBT equality, there are no mainstream or even left of mainstream organizations who advocate that the murder of people who are opposed to LGBT equality is a viable solution to meeting our goal.

“Yet a quick scan of the internet shows that there are calls for LGBT people to be ‘penned up,’ urges the abduction of the children of LGBT people, calls for the government to ‘kill the gays.’ Now the FRC is suggesting that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s labeling of them as a hate group encouraged this shooting. I would suggest that the culture that SPLC is creating is one aimed at denouncing hate and calling out the institutions that perpetrate that hate.

“I would further suggest that SPLC did not urge its constituency to pen anyone up, take their children or ask the government to murder them. Much of the culture that is created from the right, however, is predicated on violence being the solution to “the homosexual” problem and inciting this violence. And we see that violence being carried out every day. Shooting anyone associated with FCR is wrong. And so is creating a culture that would suggest that this violence is ever a solution to our differences.” – Sharon Stapel, executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project.