MAINE: Marriage Repeal Leader Gets Gun To Protect Himself From Murderous Gays

Maine’s weirdo marriage repeal leader Michael Heath has told the press that he’s applied for a concealed weapon permit so that none of them gays try to murder him.

Heath continued, “If Maine doesn’t end this decades long conflict over the evil of sodomy with an overwhelming NO vote in November we can expect to see this sort of violence in Maine in the near future. Homosexuality can lead to the most horrific and violent consequences in individuals and society. The twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of it.” Heath is awaiting receipt of his concealed weapons permit from the Maine State Police. He claimed it is the responsibility of all good men to be prepared to protect innocence from evil. Force must be met with force so that innocent people are not harmed.

Next month Heath is the keynote speaker for Maine BeastFest, an annual event in which manly men gather alone in the woods to hunt and eat wild animals. In the nude. Followed by a campfire circle-jerk. (Via Good As You)