Hate Group Launches ‘Protecting Marriage Month’: Diseased Gays Will Kill Us All

The Center For Marriage Policy has posted a flyer for their followers to deliver (in person, presumably) to the above corporations and stores.

Promiscuity is a serious public health problem. Homosexuals comprise about 3% of the population but are disproportionately responsible for serious, fatal, and costly health problems for the rest of America. HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases are spread invisibly to spouses who are often unaware of their partner’s promiscuous activities. HIV is the #14 cause of infant death in the United States. 25% of new HIV infections are in women who are most often not gay or bisexual. Gay men have between 4 and 100 times more sex partners than heterosexual men. Anal sex is extremely risky because the rectum has no membranes to protect the body from infection.

The group also has this message on their website.

Multicultural marriage divides America into two absolute classes depending solely on reproductive ability — with women entitled and men plantation bondservants to big government. God-given natural social, parental and economic rights will be fully usurped by government. Health care costs will soar due to illness and social problem grown due to the numbers of sexually-confused children and adults. Your pocket will be picked and your children indoctrinated whether you like it or not. We must rescind irresponsible homosexual public policy from the lawbooks across-the-board and discourage homosexual behavior. We must not allow pansexuals to take over the conservative movement like they did the American Psychiatric Association. Their invasion is as dangerous to our socioeconomic fabric as the Occupy movement is to free enterprise.