GOP Platform On Military Slams “Social Experimentation” On LGBT Rights

FRC president Tony Perkins engineered the GOP plank against same-sex marriage. And now it appears that the detestable Elaine Donnelly had a hand in the plank about gays in the military.

President Obama’s expansion of gay rights in the military, including on-base same sex marriage and wearing uniforms in gay pride parades, would be radically yanked back in a Mitt Romney administration, according to Republican platform positions taking shape in Tampa and OK’d by the candidate. “We’re pushing back,” said Elaine Donnelly, of the conservative Center for Military Readiness. “This is pretty big.”

While one subcommittee was tightening anti-abortion and “traditional marriage” language that won praise from the Family Research Council, a national security team moved rapidly to pull back expanded gay rights derided by critics as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Law.” New language included rejecting “the use of military as a platform for social experimentation,” and a demand that the military provide “objective and open-minded” recommendations to the president on personnel policies. The brass has been criticized for bowing to Obama’s move to expand gay rights in the military.

With this and the marriage plank I can’t imagine more vivid proof that the GOP is entirely in the hands on anti-gay hate groups. So much for all these Log Cabin claims about inclusion.