Family Research Council: We Never Said ALL Homosexuals Are Pedophiles

Continuing to hit back at their hate group listing by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Family Research Council has issued a lengthy refutation of the charges against them. Amongst those is the claim that they’ve never said that all homosexuals are inherently prone to pedophilia, only that child molestation occurs at a higher rate among gay men.

That claim has been refuted by numerous social scientists and researchers. As we well know, male-on-male molestation is frequently committed by self-identified heterosexuals who are often in so-called traditional marriages. Jerry Sandusky, an avowed Christian and married father, is just one such example. And yet:

FRC has never said, and does not believe, that most homosexuals are child molesters. However, it is undisputed that the percentage of child sex abuse cases that are male-on-male is far higher than the percentage of adult males who are homosexual. This suggests that male homosexuality is a risk factor for child sexual abuse. Homosexual activists argue that men who molest boys are not actually “homosexual;” but scholarly evidence undermines that claim. It also cannot be disputed that there is a sub-culture within the homosexual movement that advocates “intergenerational” sexual relationships. FRC’s writings on this topic–unlike the SPLC’s–have been carefully documented with references to the original scholarly literature.

The FRC also claims that it does not seek to re-criminalize homosexuality in the United States, despite the 2010 nationally televised declaration by FRC vice president Peter Sprigg that gay sex acts “should be outlawed.” That infamous statement is all MSNBC host Christ Matthews’ fault!

FRC has made no effort to reinstate sodomy laws since the U.S. Supreme Court struck them down in the 2003 case of Lawrence v. Texas. In a 2010 interview on a different topic, the question of whether we should “outlaw gay behavior” in U.S. civil law was raised not by an FRC spokesman, but by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. The spokesman affirmed that FRC (like three Supreme Court justices) believed Lawrence was wrongly decided; but the interview left some viewers with the mistaken impression that “re-criminalizing” homosexuality is a policy goal for FRC. It is not.

They believe it was “wrongly decided” and that homosexuality should have remained illegal. But they’re not actively working on putting you in prison. How very evolved and not at all hateful.

The FRC’s statement also continues their lie that they did not oppose the U.S. House resolution that would have denounced Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill. That particular lie has been well-exposed here on JMG. Once again, here’s the long-deleted radio address by FRC president Tony Perkins in which he denounces President Obama for opposing Uganda’s plan to execute homosexuals:

Does civility require the acceptance of all behavior? Hello, I am Tony Perkins with the Family Research Council. At the recent National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama took the podium calling for greater civility in Washington, which in my opinion is a laudable goal. However, his comments quickly turned to his preoccupation with defending homosexuality. The President criticized Ugandan leaders for considering enhance penalties for crimes related to homosexuality. The press has widely mischaracterized the law which calls for the death penalty, not for homosexual behavior which is already a crime, but for acts such as intentionally spreading HIV/AIDS, or preying upon vulnerable individuals such as children, which has been a problem in Uganda for years because the large number of orphans. The President said that “We may disagree about gay marriage, “but surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are.” Mr. President as long as you characterize efforts to uphold moral conduct that protects others and in particular the most vulnerable, as attacking people, civility will continue to evade us.

Right Wing Watch has thoroughly debunked the FRC’s lie that Uganda’s bill would “only” call for executing gay men for the “intentional spread” of HIV. Hit that link and then come back and re-read what Perkins said about how Uganda’s bill “upholds moral conduct.”

In summary, the Family Research Council has a years-long history of repulsive lies about LGBT Americans. And now they’re lying about their lies. Nothing new here at all.