Anti-Obama Doc Scores Big At Box Office

Even though it only played in a fraction of the number of theaters that played the rest of the top ten, 2016 Obama’s America landed at #8 in this weekend’s national box office figures. Wingnuts sites are gleefully reporting multiple sell outs and standing ovations during the credits.

The big story over the weekend was the success of documentary 2016: Obama’s America. The conservative doc added 922 new screens. At one point on Friday, it was the best performing movie of the day – yes, even outpacing the mercenaries for hire / die-hard supporters of the Second Amendment, those Expendables. The push also coincides with the Republican National Convention in Florida. It had already done well on less than 200 screens, but the expansion gave it a sizable boost in business. 2016: Obama’s America finished the weekend with $6.3M.