Rant Of The Day

The topic of the below rant is certainly one of most well-worn discussions in our world, but we haven’t talked about it here in quite a long time. From the work-unfriendly Tumblr titled Dear Chill Masc Bro:

Dear patrons and staff of the DC Eagle

Y’all faggots need to get with the goddamn program. Your cult of masculinity being so threatened by the presence of women and femininity is ridiculously tired. Sharing the bathroom with someone with long hair should not be something you need to externally process. Especially not with the person who you made feel uncomfortable in the first place – talking about how she has a lot of ‘balls’ to be around your boring, tired man baby scene. Honey – you ain’t tough, hardcore or interesting. Then, I hear you wouldn’t let the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in because drag queens don’t fit in with your ‘image’.

Gay men: wake up. You have some deep running sexist bullshit in your community. In the past week I’ve had to tell off multiple men who talked about how vaginas were ‘gross’ or ‘have teeth or something’. If you are a (queer/gay/bi) man and you witness someone talking derogatively about (cis and trans) women or bathroom policing and don’t call that shit out – you are aiding the reproduction of a violent society. That means rape, unequal employment and housing access, domestic violence, transphobic, sexist and whorephobic murders, sexual harrasment and a whole world of horrifying shit that women are constantly targets of.

You are profiting off that system, but in the end it will drag you down as well – because no matter how much you try to assimilate into the system by stepping on the backs of your sisters – queerness will always be associated with femininity. Despite whatever Heroic Homo Sex BS you try to pull, the effects of sexism will always reach out and grab a hold of you. And until you step up, I hope they do.

(Via JMG reader Eddie)