NYC To See First $100M Apartment

Months after a Russian billionaire plunked down $90M to buy his daughter a Manhattan apartment, that record figure is about to be eclipsed by the Prime Minister of Qatar, who has committed to pay over $100M for a penthouse in the 90-story One 57, which is now going up in midtown across from Carnegie Hall. It turns out that despite all his dough, other buildings have shot down the prime minister’s attempt to purchase.

The sheik had looked at the top trophy homes in Manhattan, including Denise Rich’s $60 million co-op, sources said. But co-op boards have shunned him. The sheik has two wives and 15 children and a huge entourage. Co-op boards have balked at the sheer number of people he would bring to a building. In addition, his gun-toting security detail would likely follow him around and surround the building when he is in town. Finally, the sheik has diplomatic immunity, which could hamper any building’s attempt to legally address any issues that might come up, such as collecting unpaid common charges.

The prime minister is also said to be buying four separate full-floor units in the same building, bringing his total outlay to more than $250M.