LOUISIANA: House GOP Rep Calls For Ending College LGBT Studies Minor

Louisiana’s University of LaFayette has begun offering a minor in LGBT Studies. And that makes wingnut GOP House Rep. Jeff Landry very unhappy.

In a letter addressed to UL’s President, Dr. Joseph Savoie, Landry request that the university eliminate the new program. As a proud alumnus, Landry says he been so grateful of the education he received at UL, but he is concerned if future graduates will be able say the same. In the letter Landry ask the program be dropped because quote “it fails to provide an economic benefit to the participants or financial sense for the taxpayer” end quote. The University of Lafayette offers around 100 different minors such as African-American studies, Cajun and Creole studies, Latin American studies, and religious studies. According to President Savoie, the LGBT minor did not require budgetary allocations or divert resources from other areas.

Landry is a freshman member of House, part of the 2010 Tea Party wave. His Wikipedia entry notes that he is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the NRA.