Liberty Counsel: Pissed At The Olympics

The Liberty Counsel is furious that the official website for the London Olympics depicts East Jerusalem as “the intended seat of the government of Palestine.”

“This is absolute, clear anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias by the BBC,” he contends. “This is unbelievable that political correctness has gotten into the Olympics. I thought the Olympics were supposed to transcend politics and bring countries together.” But he reports that the BBC website’s picture of Jerusalem displays another example of blatant, anti-Israel bias. “As compared to, for example, the pictures of Iran … Syria and Libya — which had pictures of peaceful, cultural settings — the one depicting Israel was a soldier with a Palestinian protester,” Staver details. “So there was obvious bias there.”

Meanwhile other wingnuts continue to press the White House about which city the president considers to be the capital of Israel.

It has been a matter of contention for years. Though Israel has established its capital in the Holy City of Jerusalem, the United States and other nations continue to maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv. During Thursday’s White House news conference, Carney was asked numerous times to tell which city the administration considers Israel’s capital. His response: “I haven’t had that question in a while. Our position has not changed…” When one reporter insisted that she did not know the answer, Carney continued to offer a vague “you know our position.” That prompted a second reporter to chime in. “She doesn’t know. That’s why she asked,” he voiced, before admitting that he did not know the answer, either. Still, Carney would merely state, “Our position hasn’t changed.