Email Of The Day – Eugene Delgaudio

“Dear Joe, In the past, the radical homosexuals have attempted to kill me, even threatening and stalking my family. However, all that did was make me more determined than ever to fight them. And with your help, I did. Together, you and I have really rocked the Homosexual Lobby. We’ve held off so much of their agenda for so many years. You see your support is really the most important part of my efforts. But now they want to take you out of the fight. I’ve received letters from three different government agencies ordering me to stop sending mail to members like you.

“One letter from a Post Office bureaucrat actually declared my correspondence with Public Advocate members to be obscene! You see, in their sick world radical homosexuals can desecrate churches, spread their filth across the internet, and run naked through the very halls of Congress. But when I try to tell people about it, my letters and emails are labeled obscene by those who serve the homosexuals’ purposes. And if they can find a judge who agrees with them, the legal consequences could be severe. Even if we win, the legal fees could destroy your Public Advocate. That’s why I’m desperate for you to send a contribution of $50 or even $75 today. I need your help right away, so I ask you to send whatever you can afford today.” – Eugene Delgaudio, in his weekly beg for more money.

RELATED: Earlier this year Box Turtle Bulletin blogger Rob Tisinai delved in Delgaudio’s 2009 financial declaration, noting he claimed to take in $1.5M that year alone. Other than a few cheesy YouTube videos and the occasional nasty mailers, there’s no real evidence that Delgaudio actually does anything besides sending out weekly demands for more money. We’ve never seen him speak at any of the major conservative events and even the most vile of wingnuts appear to keep their distance from freaky old Eugene. And yet God’s Gentle People continue to back up dump trucks full of money to his house.