Elaine Donnelly: Pissed At The Pentagon

Elaine Donnelly is pissed. Hurray!

And what kind of effect will such celebrations have on people of faith in the military, including chaplains? “Zero tolerance,” Donnelly said. ” … If you don’t agree, you can end your military career. A Coast Guard [member] initially lost his job for merely inquiring about privacy. Military LGBT law works to stifle and end careers of those who disagree.” She also pointed out that a lack of an exodus from the military is no indicator that things under the LGBT law are working for everyone. “Military culture has always been one of obeying orders, and soldiers have been ordered to abide by LGBT law,” Donnelly explained. “Also, many troops who would have ordinarily left under such pretenses remain at their posts because of the declining economy and a lack of jobs out there.”

Just because it’s working doesn’t mean it’s working. Duh!