Today’s Silly Lie From NOM

Remember the dumbass preacher who bought a cup of Starbucks coffee and made a video of himself pouring it into the sewer? Today NOM claims he only bought that cup of coffee because he didn’t know about Starbucks’ support for marriage equality. Clearly, there is no item so petty that NOM won’t brazenly lie about it. I’m just surprised they don’t also claim that this preacher was “violently beaten” by gay activists.

This past week a pastor in Colorado made a video of himself dumping a cup of Starbucks coffee down the street curb drain. Apparently he had purchased it on his way to work shortly before hearing of Starbucks position in support of same-sex marriage and the campaign and decided he couldn’t go through with drinking it, but wanted to make a statement instead. What you can do this week: Make an inventive and fun home video of yourself or a friend “Dumping Starbucks” and send it in. As many as we can we’ll post online so everyone can see and have a good laugh. If you don’t want to buy a cup of Starbucks (remember we are protesting them) then grab an empty cup from a coworker or friend and use that instead.

As anybody who saw the original video knows, that preacher did know in advance of his purchase. In fact, AFTER he became the subject of widespread internet ridicule, he pulled the clip and filed copyright claims against others that had mirrored his video. He then re-recorded his clip with the new claim and restaged pouring it down the sewer, this time with an included ad for his stupid radio show.