Savage To Perkins: Fuck You, Tony

Responding to Tony Perkins’ call for prayers for Dan Savage, a clever JMG reader has repurposed a YouTube classic. I sent the clip to Dan this morning and he’s posted it with this response:

Oh, Tony. If quoting their own scriptures to Christians amounts to “persecuting Christians,” then every Baptist minister in the country is guilty of persecuting Christians. And Saul of Tarsus? That would be Paul, of course, author of huge chunks of the New Testament and the creep responsible for its most misogynistic and homophobic bits. (Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality, and Jesus never asked his mother or Mary Magdalene to “keep silent.”) [snip] And let’s not forget what “I’ll pray for you” means someone like Perkins says it: Every one knows, “I’ll pray for you,” is how Baptists say, “Fuck you.” Fuck you too, Tony.

Here’s the clip.