Peter LaBarbera: Christians Must Become More Brutal Towards Homosexuals

“Simply put, we as a movement must conquer whatever timidity, fear and political correctness we have in NOT wanting to debate the morality of homosexuality–because our fanatically driven LGBT opponents will never relent in their audacious campaign ‘sell’ homosexuality to the public. Notice that while many conservatives shrink from the homosexuality debate, self-described ‘queer’ activists never back-track in their misguided, indeed, pathological quest to compel society to approve of their aberrant ‘lifestyles.'” – Porno Pete LaBarbera, in an AFTAH column posted from Madrid.

RELATED: LaBarbera is in Spain for the World Congress of Families, where NOM’s Brian Brown and numerous other hate leaders are appearing and where one symposium is chillingly titled “Solutions To Homosexual Behavior.”