Pastor Sean Harris Returns To Pulpit With A Standing Ovation From His Congregation

As protesters waved signs outside his church, yesterday Pastor Sean “Beat Gay Kids” Harris returned to the pulpit at Berean Baptist Church.

“You guys have been unbelievable this week,” Harris told church members before reading from the Bible’s Book of Mark, Chapter 9:42-48. “You have been gracious. You have been kind.” “We love you, pastor,” a man shouted out. Harris removed his glasses from behind the pulpit, his face twisting with emotion. “Let’s hear it for the pastor,” the fellow shouted again. “We love you, man.” At that, members of the congregation stood and applauded in a show of support for their pastor of 5 1/2years. A week earlier, he had told fathers to give their sons “a good punch” if they were showing signs of effeminate behavior. He urged the parents of girls who are “acting too butch,” to make them “walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl.”

Below the local NBC affiliate covers the story.

The young man interviewing Harris in the clip above is Justin Griffith, founder of Military Atheists and Secular Humanists Fort Bragg. Below is Griffith’s full video of the interview excepted above by NBC.