Pastor Sean Harris: JMG Is Making Money By Taking My Words Out Of Context

Pastor Sean Harris says I deliberately mischaracterized his words in order to “sensationalize” his message and generate hits to this blog.

When you look at my blog you are not bombarded with advertisements. There aren’t any. I don’t make any money from my blog. That is not the purpose of the blog. But that obviously is the purpose of a blog that has advertisements on the left and right sides and on the top of the blog. “Joe. My God.” is one of these bloggers that busted this story wide open by taking me out of context and then telling the world about this pastor who said “beat the gay out of children” (which I never said). What he needs to make money on his blog is hits or views.

And the way you get views is to have a sensational story. The more sensational the story is the more views one receives. The more views a blogger has on his website the more money he can potentially make. But there is no cry from anyone about the profiteering from the destruction of a man’s reputation and character. There is no outcry from the masses or media about the profiteering from the slander and malice intend by those in the LGBT community. I can’t tell you the number of stories I have seen where words that I never said appeared in quotation marks.

Actually it was my colleague Jeremy Hooper who “busted this story wide open” by posting the video of Harris’ rant. I reposted Jeremy’s clip and included the verbatim transcript. It was the entire world who watched that video and got his “beat the gay out of children” message. Sadly, it needed no “sensationalizing.”