Pastor Sean Harris: I’m Sorry That You Were Offended When I Said Kids Should Have The Gay Beaten Out Of Them

Earlier today I posted a news report which quoted Pastor Sean Harris as saying that he was only joking when he told his congregation that they should beat the gay out of non-gender conforming children. Harris has now posted a lengthy “official statement of retraction” on his personal blog. But as is typical with his repulsive ilk, he isn’t actually sorry at all.

I do not apologize for the manner in which the Word of God articulates sexual immorality, including homosexuality and effeminacy, as a behavior that is an abomination to God. Nothing in this official statement of retraction should be perceived as an apology for the overarching intent and message of the sermon and the need to define marriage as one man and one woman and to maintain the gender distinctions that God created from the beginning when He made them male and female (Genesis 1). I recognize that there are those in the LGBT community who believe that their sexual behavior is not sin. I do not agree with them and this official retraction should not be misunderstood as an apology for the gospel of Jesus Christ or the Word of God. I do not apologize for the manner in which I emphasized the importance of one man and one woman getting married and staying married for the benefit of their children and society.

Not incidentally, we should all give props to Good As You activist Jeremy Hooper for once again overturning another stone of Christian Love™ to reveal the squirming maggots beneath. Thanks to Hooper (and you), Pastor Harris has been denounced and shamed across North Carolina. Harris clearly doesn’t care, but hopefully the next preacher will think twice before he sends a young congregant reaching for the razor blades.