One Of The Four GOP Senators Who Approved NY Marriage Is Retiring

NOM will doubtlessly claim to have had something to do with it, but NY Sen. James Alesi announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection. Alesi is one of the four GOP state senators targeted by NOM after they helped swing the 2011 same-sex marriage vote into the “yes” column.

Alesi’s re-election prospects were viewed as dim because of a lawsuit he filed in 2011 against a couple in his district after he allegedly trespassed on the couple’s property. Asked if the lawsuit was a key factor in his decision, Alesi said, “You could point to that. There’s absolutely no way of making that go away. I’ve apologized, and every time it comes up, I reiterate my apology.” Alesi said he would serve the remainder of his term, which runs until year’s end. Monroe County Republican Party leaders have said they will support someone else, and are in talks with Assemblyman Sean Hanna, R-Mendon, and a formal announcement is expected on Thursday morning. Democrats on Thursday will announce that Monroe County Legislature Minority Leader Ted O’Brien will run in the 55th District, county Democratic Chairman Joseph Morelle said late Wednesday.

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