JACKSONVILLE: Anti-Gay Pastors Organize Against Proposed LGBT Rights Bill

Tonight the Jacksonville City Council will consider expanding its human rights ordinance to include protections for LGBT residents. Right on cue, enter a coalition of anti-gay pastors, who warn that God will “curse” the city if the bill passes.

We oppose this bill for multiple reasons. First, fundamental evangelical Christians with a biblical worldview agree homosexuality is an abominable sin according to Romans 1:22-32, and anyone supporting this bill may be in danger of having a “reprobate mind”. Therefore we are refuting the small group of local pastors supporting this bill as they do not represent the majority of main stream Christianity. Second, we our calling on the city council to repent and reject this bill for these reasons. We reject the theory that this is an “anti discrimination bill” as the bill takes away the rights of the majority of our citizens and gives special rights and class to a small minority of people. We have spoken so politically correct we have desensitized a generation to homosexuality, it is not an alternative lifestyle, it is sodomy, perversion and sin. We know God will bless or curse this city according to our law and public policy as Proverbs 14:34 states “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.”

RELATED: Most of Florida’s major cities and some of its counties already provide such protections. Due to its city limits being contiguous with all of Duval County, Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city by population and the nation’s largest by area.