Internet Protest Sells Out Queens Stadium

Remember when I told you that Ultra Orthodox Jews had rented Citi Field for a massive anti-internet protest? Well, it’s so sold out, they’ve had to also rent the nearby Arthur Ashe Stadium, home of the U.S. Open, as a satellite protest venue. The New York Times has more:

Speakers at the rally in Queens will not seek to ban the Internet, but rather to raise awareness about how, unmonitored, it poses a grave risk to the community, said Eytan Kobre, a spokesman for the organizers. The risk, he said, comes not only from pornography, but also from social media and the addictive pull of the Internet, which can limit human interaction, reading and study. “These are the same concerns that people across society — in academia, in psychology, parents, spouses — have about the Internet,” he said.

“But here is a community that is actually standing up and coming together and putting our money where our mouth is, to express a unified communal resolve to address the issues.” At both stadiums, only men are invited, because of the ultra-Orthodox practice of strict gender separation. The meeting will be broadcast live to audiences of women in schools and event halls in Borough Park and Flatbush in Brooklyn and in other ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, according to Hamodia, a newspaper serving the Orthodox.

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