I Pizza Slice NY

Gotham’s tabloids reacted with horror this week at the SHOCKING news that Gov. Cuomo has launched a makeover of the state’s iconic “I ♥ NY” campaign, which is considered to be the most successful tourism slogan in the history of everything.

Thanks for breaking New York’s heart, Gov. Cuomo. The governor ripped the ♥ out of “I ♥ NY” in a new $5 million tourism campaign unveiled Wednesday. He’s dumping the state’s iconic ♥ logo, known the world over, in favor of such ho-hum images as a slice of pizza, a hot air balloon, a beach ball and a stock car — a nod, apparently, to the Empire State’s NASCAR roots. “You still have the icon but you have to bring it back to New York,” Cuomo explained. “You have to reimagine, you have to reenergize it.”