GLAAD Cheers CNN Host’s Handling Of Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins

GLAAD president Herdon Graddick today cheered the manner in which CNN host Brooke Baldwin handled her interview with hate group leader Tony Perkins.

Thursday afternoon, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin gave an almost textbook example of how to tell a complete story when dealing with an anti-gay activist. Joining Baldwin was Tony Perkins, there to speak about his 3PM press conference opposing President Obama’s support for marriage equality. Perkins is certainly one of the loudest anti-gay activists in the country, and his voice was absolutely relevant to today’s discussion, surrounding his press conference. But he always needs to be put into context, since in front of mainstream audiences he plays a completely different character than the one he plays in front of supporters.

In order to tell the full story when interviewing Perkins, it needs to be made clear to the audience that this is someone who believes gay people “have an emptiness within them” and are trying to “recruit (children) into that lifestyle” through support campaigns like It Gets Better. [snip] Baldwin did the best job we’ve seen from anyone at CNN since the Obama announcement of showing her audience exactly who Tony Perkins is, exactly who he speaks for, and most importantly, that he doesn’t speak for them.

Watch the clip below and hit the above link for a play-by-play on what Baldwin did right and the the one thing GLAAD thinks she missed.