FOTF Outraged Over DOMA Ruling

“Today’s decision from the First Circuit overruling a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was an unfortunate exercise of judicial tampering with the rules by which constitutional cases are decided. The Court began by recognizing that this case would fail under the usual tests that courts apply to these cases, and then proceeded to invent a new test by which the federal DOMA failed. Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect strange decisions like this from judges bent on redefining marriage for all of us.

“This is simply another round in the legal wranglings over the definition of marriage in this country, and marriage supporters can take heart that the battle goes forward. We are optimistic that the Supreme Court will reject the First Circuit’s adventure in legal gymnastics and uphold the interest of citizens and taxpayers in the vast majority of the United States who neither support the redefinition of marriage nor look forward to subsidizing same-sex unions with taxpayer dollars.” – Focus On The Family spokesbigot Bruce Hausknecht.