Christine Quinn To Pen Memoir

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will publish her memoir early next year when she (presumably) will be in full mayoral campaign mode. Bloomberg did the same thing just before he was elected.

But while Mr. Bloomberg’s book was largely for a business audience, Ms. Quinn’s is intended to be more personal, describing, among other things, her upbringing in a middle-class Irish Catholic family on Long Island, and the effects of her mother’s death when she was 16. Ms. Quinn worked as a housing activist before getting her start in politics, running the City Council campaign of Tom Duane, who is now a state senator. In 1999, after Mr. Duane was elected to the Senate, Ms. Quinn ran to succeed him on the Council and won. She was elected speaker in 2006, becoming the first openly gay official to hold the position. “Where we come from says a lot about who we are — and where we can go,” Ms. Quinn said in a statement released by her publisher. “I’m excited about the opportunity to tell my story and, in the process, hopefully help young people who are going through similar experiences.”